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Massage Therapy:

30 Minutes $40.00

45 Minutes $55.00

60 Minutes $70.00

90 Minutes $100.00



A Swedish massage intended to both relax and revitalize the body through the use of unhurried and deliberate strokes. An instant stress reliever, and pain reducer.


This deep tissue massage utilizes techniques that reach the deeper sub-layer of musculature. This type of massage is ideal for those experiencing chronic muscular pain or complications and need restoration. 

Lava Stone Rejuvenation

Done with the use of warm flat lava stones to create a very soothing, and relaxing experience. These stones which are formed from volcanic rock are heated and strategically placed on key points of the body. The heat assist in letting the tension dissolve so that tight muscles release.

Scent Sublime

An exclusive Aroma therapy service which involves the use of essential oils (extracted from herbs, flowers, resin, wood, and roots). These oils are mixed with an all natural carrier oil, like coconut, olive, or shea then placed on the body to complement your massage session. The essential oils may also be diffused into the air. Essential oils aid in the relaxation process. Each oil has it's own unique characteristics and benefits. (This can be added to any massage service)


This enchanting full body polish is will gently lift dead and dry skin from the entire epidermal surface. Glow is a complete exfoliation process that will leave your skin feeling new and revitalized.

Zone Healing

(approx. 30 min.)

Got that one spot that's always in pain? I suggest Zone Healing. It's a massage which is meant to target specific areas in the body like the neck or back. Zone healing is a partial body massage that allows focused work and quick maintenance.

Express Escape

(up to 15 min.)

The  express escape is a chair massage (or seated massage) often uses for large gatherings and events. It is the use of a specially designed chair in which the guest sits comfortably. Seated massage includes techniques borrowed from Shiatsu, and Swedish massage. This service is provided while the guest is fully clothed, and can last up to 15 minutes.

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