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Benefits of Massage:

 We all knows that a good, professional massage feels great. But are you aware of the many and wonderful health benefits that are related to this ancient art of touch. Here is a system by system analysis of how a massage may improve your health.

  Skeletal System:

  - increased mobility and range of motion

  - Encourages proper skeletal alignment

  Muscular System:

  - Release of knots, tension, and muscular congestion

  - Helps to maintain and improves flexibility

  - Aides in the removal of metabolic waste/toxins from muscles

  - Eases muscular pain

  - Aides in recovery from strains, and other muscular injuries

  - Relieves stiffness, soreness, and stress

  - Reduces Adhesions in muscles and tendons

  Nervous System:

  - "Calms the nerves" by relaxing the senses

  - Helps relieve anxiety, depression and other emotional disorders

   through a calming touch that sends messages to the nervous system

  - Stimulates receptors of the nervous system

  - Helps in dulling painful sensations


  - Boost the immune system by pushing the fluid during the effleurage

    (massage) motion

  - Increases circulation in the Lymph system


  - Massage increases the actions of your heart. This stimulates blood 

    flow to and from the lungs

  Circulatory System:

  - Increases blood circulation via the push of effleurage motion

    towards the heart

  - Helps in the development of a healthy heart.

  Digestive System:

  - Encourages peristalsis activity (wave like motion that pushes the

   bolus (food/waste) through the gastric intestinal tract

  - improves the state of the digestive muscles

  - Can ease digestive pain, or discomfort

  - Can help to regulate digestive system

  Integumentary (Skin) System:

  - Improves skin elasticity

  - Helps in the repair of scars

  - Improves skin's color and tone through dilation of surface capillaries

  - Increases circulation and blood flow to skin

  - Nourishes skin through local blood stimulation